Our goal is to make our members the most widely known, beloved and collected artist group in the world, nurturing humanity with beauty and inspiration.

Our purposes:

  • To pleasantly and efficiently help the artist survive as the unique being he/she is.
  • To efficiently broaden the artist’s platform to show his/her authentic creativity.
  • To strengthen the artist’s prospects to flourish and prosper.
  • To promote and publicize the good works of the artist – increasing his/her good standing, reputation and stature in the local, regional, and global community.
  • To promote artists who join the noble cause of increasing awareness about global challenges.
  • Offer the artist platforms to shine, grow and so be acknowledged.

We are seeking artists who wish to cultivate, expand and grow their art careers for the sake of inspiring humanity.  Artists advance the good on Earth, asserting the truths we know, counter-balancing darkness with the rise of light.